How to save money on your honeymoon

Honeymoons can cost almost as much as your wedding. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I have some tips on how you can save money and still have the honeymoon you want.
1. Don’t mention the word ‘honeymoon’
As soon as you start looking for a honeymoon rather than a holiday, more often than not, the price will be higher. Look for holidays, not honeymoons.

2. Book last minute

If you’re flexible on dates and locations, you can find some great last minute deals to all kinds of destinations.

3. Shop around
Search the web for deals, then visit different travel agents. Some places will match the best deal you find or even give you a better deal.

4. Visit websites that specialise in holiday deals
Online holiday websites like specialise in finding good deals. Keep an eye on their site when you’re looking to book your honeymoon. Something is bound to come up that is of interest to you.

5. Ask for money towards your honeymoon
Instead of gifts that you don’t really want or need, why not just ask your guests to give money towards your honeymoon instead. So many bride and grooms do it these days, it’s not seen as rude or presumptuous. I like the idea of writing a little poem to explain that there’s nothing you need, but some money to go towards a honeymoon would be greatly received, then popping it in with your invites.
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