How to save money on your wedding dress

One of the most important things for your wedding day is going to be your dress. Whether you’re going for a big ball gown or a simple sheath, your dress will play a big part. Your dress can also be one of your biggest purchases, so here are my tips on how to save some pennies when buying ‘the dress’.

1. Make sure you buy your dress from somewhere reputable 

Whether it’s a in a shop or online, make sure you know you’re getting the real deal. So many people these days choose to buy online, but make sure if you do, you’ve done your research or you may end up with a nightmare dress rather than your dream one.

2. Don’t buy your wedding dress until you’ve tried it on (or one very similar at least)

If you do choose to buy online, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to try it on first. So make sure you know exactly what you want. You don’t want it to arrive and the style not suit you.

3. Try on every style

Every bride-to-be has an idea of what type of dress they’d like. A lot of those brides-to-be also end up choosing something completely different. I did. I knew exactly what I wanted in my head, and had even considered having it specially made. However, when I went dress shopping, I wanted to make a day of it so had decided, I wanted to try on every style possible, just for fun. ‘The one’ ended up being totally different to what I’d imagined.

4. Don’t dismiss a dress you haven’t tried on

Some dresses I looked at on the hanger and thought ‘errr, that’s awful’, but when I tried them on, they actually looked really nice. And some looked lovely on the hanger, but terrible on. Moral of the story, don’t knock it, til you’ve tried it!

5. Buy a sample dress

Bridal shops eventually have to sell their sample dresses to make way for new ones. A lot of them do big sample sales and you can save a LOT of money. I saved £1200 on my dress by getting a sample. The dresses are usually very well looked after in bridal shops, but if you decide you want to get it cleaned, you can and still save a tonne of money!

6. Try on accessories

Even if you think you know what accessories you do and don’t want, make sure you try them anyway. I wanted some kind of tiara or headband but didn’t want a veil. Anyway, after choosing my dress, I decided to try a veil on to see what it was like, and guess what? I’m having a veil.

7. You don’t have to make a decision there and then

Whether it’s the dress or the accessories, don’t be pushed into making a decision on the spot. If you’re not sure, take some time to think about it. And if you do buy a dress, and change your mind, don’t sweat, you can always sell it on.

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