How to save money on your wedding cake

Wedding cakes these days vary massively. From huge 5 tiered decorated fruit cakes to individual cupcakes and a popular choice now seems to be naked sponge cakes. Cakes can also vary massively in price. But you don’t have to spend a lot to get a nice cake. Here are my tips on saving money on your wedding cake.

1. Have cupcakes instead of a large tiered cake

Cupcakes are much cheaper than having a tiered cake. If you wanted, you could still have a small decorated cake to cut if you wish. You can get some lovely cupcake toppers and have icing to match your colour theme, as well as some lovely cupcake cases.

2. Use sheet cake

Have a small decorated cake to cut in front of your guests, then serve a pre-cut sheet cake. This is far cheaper than having a cake made and decorated for a large number of guests.

3. Cake topper

There are so many different types of cake toppers available. From personalised edible bride and groom to simple Mr and Mrs toppers. All vary massively in price from a few quid to a few hundred! Alternatively, if you’re a bit crafty, make your own. You don’t even have to have an actual ‘cake topper’. A nice ornament or some artificial flowers will work just fine too.

4. Cake stand

A lot of venues offer cake stands to hire. If your venue does have one, try and get it thrown in for free. Or alternatively, borrow one from a friend if you can. If you can’t borrow one, don’t worry. Cake stands are widely available online and in high street shops, just make sure you shop around to get a good deal.

5. Cake knife

Venues that offer cake stands, more often than not, will have a cake knife available to hire also. Again, this is something you can negotiate getting thrown in at no extra cost.

6. Make your own wedding cake

Can you bake? If you can, why not make your own wedding cake? You will only have to pay for the ingredients and decorations and you’ll save a tonne of money. Or if you have a friend or someone in the family who can bake, ask them. Chances are they’ll be delighted to be part of your special day. My cousin is an amazing baker. So I asked her to do mine. She was so happy that if asked her too.

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