How to save money on bridal shoes, accessories and more

After you’ve bought your dress, you’ll then start thinking about accessories and jewellery to go with it, as well as shoes and underwear. All these items can add up to a large sum of money so here are some tips to help you save a bit.

1. You don’t have to buy the accessories from the bridal shop

I tried on a few veils and tiaras in the bridal shops I visited, and although I liked a couple that I tried, I didn’t buy them from the shop. 

2. Shop high street

Debenhams have the most amazing sales with up to 70% off! I got my jewellery for a total of £18! And my underwear for just £34 in their bridal lingerie section. They also have some beautiful bridal shoes to suit most brides, again for a fraction of the price if you get them in the sale. They also do tiaras and hair accessories too.

3. Sales, sales, sales!

Further to my last point about Debenhams sales, I just want to say that everywhere has a sale at some point. You just have to shop around to find them. Although I did get my shoes from the bridal shop, they were also in the sale. I saved £40 on my shoes by getting them in the sale.

4. Buy second hand

You can get some real bargains by buying secondhand from eBay, Preloved, etc. or even from your charity shops. Remember, it’s likely that these items have only been worn once so consider buying your shoes, veil or even your dress secondhand.

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