How to decide who to invite to your wedding

We found deciding who to invite during the day, one of the hardest things to do. We both have big families so we knew we wouldn’t be having an intimate wedding. But how do you decide who to invite and who not to invite to your ceremony? Here are my tips.

1. Don’t invite people because you feel you have to

Its your wedding, no one else’s. So if you don’t want that person to come to your wedding, don’t invite them. You’re not getting married to please other people.

2. Would you pay for their dinner?

Someone once told me to think of it like this – would you take that person out for dinner and pay for their meal? If the answer is yes, invite them. If the answer is no, don’t.

3. Have a limit

Even if you would love to, you can’t invite everyone. Have a number limit and stick to it.

4. Have a reserves list

If there are still guests that you would like to invite to the ceremony but have reached your numbers limit, put them on a reserves list. If there are any day guests that can’t make it, you can then invite guests from the reserves list.

5. Don’t invite children

If you have friends that you’d like to invite that have children, just invite your friends without their children. Your friends will understand, and to be honest, they would probably enjoy some child free time anyway.
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